SLG Sophie la Girafe & Sophie Chérie


  • Sophie la girafe, Baby’s fist toy stimulating each of his senses:
    • Sight, thanks to her dark and contrasted spots, she catches the eye
    • Hearing, with a whistle, she amused and stimulates Baby.
    • Taste, numerous part to chew on, she is perfect to relief Baby’s sore gums.
    • Made from 100% natural rubber and food-grade paints, she is not harmful for baby.
    • Smell, a light perfume of natural rubber makes her really unique.
    • Touch, light she is easy to grasp by the legs and her long neck;


  • Sophie Chérie
    • With her soft coat, she reassures and watches closely Baby during bedtime.
    • Her chubby shapes and her childish face make her the perfect companion at any time of the day. You will soon realize Sophie Chérie and baby will have a hard time splitting up.



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