SLG 3 Musical Balls

Baby begins to hear voices from the 6th month of pregnancy, and reaches normal hearing at birth, capable of distinguishing between high and low tones. He’ll be able to sharpen his hearing with the trio of musical balls! Made of 100% natural rubber, they are light and easy to handle. Each ball is a discovery in itself… To activate the three different sounds, baby will have to squeeze the green ball to hear the soft sound of crumpled paper, shake the white ball to hear a tinkling bell and press the yellow ball to recognise Sophie la girafe’s famous “squeak”!

Ting ting, squeak squeak and crackle crackle… baby will be surprised to hear different sounds when handling them and will fall in love with the colourful balls. Let’s have some fun with sounds, develop your sense of hearing and understand the notion of cause and effect!



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